Founded in Berlin in 1909, Collonil became synonymous with high-quality shoe and leather care. Product optimisation and constant innovation guarantee the best solution for every application – waterproofing, caring and cleaning.


Collonil 1909 is a totally new dimension of leather care: luxurious, intensive and astonishing.

Collonil has had this in mind since its year of foundation, which gives the series its name. The ingredients are the same used for skincare products: valuable waxes and oils protect the texture and colour of the leather.


Collonil Organic only uses an absolute minimum of chemical substances, consisting of 90% natural ingredients, such as olive oil, bamboo extract, carnauba wax and macadamia oil.

These innovative products are suitable for the treatment of smooth leather, all textiles and materials with climate membranes, as they allow air circulation and dampness emission out of shoes.


Collonil Carbon Lab was born from the collaboration between Collonil and the founder of Sonra, the sneaker expert and designer Hikmet Sugoer.

The result is a complete line designed to protect, clean and care for all kind of sneakers, from the sole to the upper mesh.


Since 1963 Tacco stands for “Made in Germany” all over the world.
Thanks to the the know-how of the previous generations along with the creativity and innovation of the new ones, Tacco products provide comfort, pampering, protection and support to the feet. Tacco proudly uses predominantly natural materials, while always in view of current trends.


100% Italian, Easy boasts an exceptional value for money, providing high quality shoe accessories at very interesting prices.